Blood Covenant of the Sergeants Club


It had been two solid years of solving murders for a ‘dollar a day’ for Rick Ryder after wrapping up this last one, Ryder has decides to take the summer off and spend it with his family on his ranch near Cassville MO.  However, that vacation is cut short when his neighbor and Biology professor at Crowder College in Neosho, Annie Harris stumbles into Ryder’s 15 year old sister’s Marissa’s birthday party covered in blood and with a blood soaked dollar bill begging them to find the killer before the other’s are killed. The vacation is cut short.  

Left at the scene of every murder is a wooden plaque with a playing card glued to it, and a bible verse burned into, it that all traces back to a bizarre connection to the Sergeant’s Club at Crowder College.  A club that his mother founded and now members of that original club are being murdered. Could it be because of a secret the club swore to never tell and sealed it in a blood covenant as they vowed to take it to their graves?  Can Ryder uncover this secret before the next victim is murdered?  Or will the Blood Covenant of the Sergeants Club be Ryder’s last case, when he finds another secret that shows his whole life has been one big lie?


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