About Mr. Mulvaugh

Thomas S. Mulvaugh is a murder mystery novelist. He was raised on a farm just north of Cassville, MO; it was here that he learned to use his imagination to create characters out of the farm animals, as the cats and dogs became people in stories that he would make up. At school Mulvaugh would use his stories to entertain the other students.  The first story he ever wrote was when his older sister gave him a portable typewriter for a Christmas present.

Mr. Mulvaugh graduated from Cassville R-4 High School, then went on to attend Crowder College in Neosho, MO.  At Crowder he would meet Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, who also dreamed of being a writer.  Mr. Mulvaugh’s dreams were different at that time and he dreamed of owning an automobile dealership, but God had different plans for me,” said Mulvaugh.  “I didn’t choose writing, it chose me.” 

When Mulvaugh left college and returned home, his mother had become

overcome with Rheumatoid Arthritis. He had to choose to take care of her or place her in a nursing home; he put his own life on hold.  Needing something to do, he went back to writing, at first simple articles on that old typewriter that was a Christmas gift from years ago.

As the typewriter gave way to computers, Mulvaugh elected to follow the style he loved-murder mysteries.  Now he has teamed up with his friend from college, Lee Ann, who is a romance novelist, for joint book signings in a “Day of Murder and Romance.” 

Mr. Mulvaugh lives in Monett, MO with his wife Karla and their three cats, he has plans for  another mystery in the Ozark Blood Series entitled ‘Blood Stains’   



Donating a copy of Blood Necklace to the Monett, Missouri Library.

Hijinks at “a Day of Murder and Romance with romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy.

Donating a copy of Blood Necklace to the Barry Lawrence County Library, in Mr. Mulvaugh’s  hometown of Cassville, MO


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